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Life Care Company was founded in 2005, in Timisoara, and it is one of the initiators of the “Association of Producers and Importers of organic Products in Romania” and an active member of the Romanian Direct Selling Association (RODSA).

With a confident attitude, increased working power, creativity, Life Care has managed to become the largest direct selling company in Romania in the 13 years since its launch, focusing on the sale of organic, natural and vegan products. It cumulated sales of more than $ 100 million and set a new and dynamic trend to the direct sales market in Romania.

With over 300 natural, organic and vegan products in its portfolio , Life Care® has taken into account every aspect and need of its customers, constantly enriching the portfolio of new product ranges that belong to the most renowned organic producers in the world and the quality of which is certified by ECOCERT or BDIH.

As in the Life Care community, passion is transformed into performance and rewards, our partners benefit form high-performance programs and tools to help them become TOP LEADERS, FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT, to win dream vacations, cars, thus fulfilling their dream to live freely and happily, without constraints and to work as much as they want, when they want and how they want.

They have managed to have their own SUCCESS BUSINESS built with Life Care.

Since 2008, several public figures in Romania have been the image of the company and have been designated asLife Care Ambassadors to promote a healthy and happy lifestyle:

Catalin Botezatu, Mihaela Radulescu, Simona Amanar, Virgil Ianțu, Ștefan Banica, Catalin and Andra Maruța, Florentina Opriș, Octavian Bellu, Gabriela Szabo, Horia Tecau, Paula Chirila, INNA, Florin Piersic, Horia Brenciu, Smiley.

The Life Care Foundation was born in 2011 and aims to sustain life and human potential, in line with the motto “Life is a journey to personal fulfilment”. The Foundation’s activity aims to support people, especially young people and children with potential and abilities in various fields of activity by identifying, preparing and promoting them and by developing personal projects related to the improvement of the quality of life (healthy, natural and organic food).

In 2012 the Life Care Foundation launched an innovative project : the BIO Camp and aims to progressively bring together all teens who need guidance to start life in a healthy way.

All children can participate, regardless of their social and economic condition, race, ethnic group, gender. They will be selected beginning with those who have already started to show their potential. The camp is designed for children between the ages of 12 and 18, and here they are taught to develop their acquired and native skills for a healthy and successful life.

The value of Life Care products

Life Care’s main objective is to provide effective, safe and pleasurable products.

We do that by using organic main ingredients that are naturally recognized and accepted by our body (organic DNA recognition in every level of our body: organs, blood, and cellule).

This is the ‘big secret’ behind our products for being efficient and safe.

There is no need to add additional chemical, „efficiency enhancers” in this process. Any chemical or GMO (Genetically modified organism) „add-on” will become a toxic waste that our body will try hard to eliminate. That is why we avoid any chemical or GMO (Genetically modified organism) in our ingredient list.

Counting that we operate in a demanding market, our unique recipes are made after a lot of testing to meet the „pleasurable index need” of our customers ( look, feel, smell, density, color, etc )

We are constantly developing our recipes in order to upgrade to new ingredients approved by the organic certification bodies worldwide.

The products from Life Care portfolio are premium products developed by the leading manufacturers of BIO cosmetics, nutritional supplements and detergents in the world. Their quality is certified by independent internationally recognized certifying bodies, such as ECOCERT or BDIH and by the Ministry of Health in Romania.


BDIH standard specifies the ingredients in the products composition, what preservation systems are admitted and ensures the fact that products are not tested on animals. The principles that define the BDIH concept regarding „the controlled natural cosmetics” are: protection of nature – during extraction of used raw materials, it is wanted that the nature to be disturbed as little as possible, taking into account the protection of animals. It is ruled out the interference or genetic manipulation of the hereditary legacy of the plants or animals; careful transformation of raw materials into finished products, without chemical reactions.

Packages must be economic and observe the environment; the controlled natural cosmetics must give up synthetic dyes and preservatives and contain substances with low allergic potential. ECOCERT is an international inspection and certification body of organic products that verifies the compliance of organic products with the European and national legislation and with the international standards in force. ECOCERT certified products do not have in their composition: mineral oils, silicone, and emulsifiers such as PEG, parabens, synthetic perfumes, synthetic dies or solvents such as Propylene Glycol.

Each ingredient in the Life Care products composition is carefully selected and processed so that its value for the body to be complete. Life Care products, either natural or having in their content organic ingredients or are 100% BIO represent a healthy alternative for the support and protection of the body, being recommended even to sensitive or allergic persons.  

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